Convenient, wholesome mixes for year round fun!

Fresh berries over rich shortcake. Fabulous funnel cakes that are the icing on the country fair experience. Giant soft pretzels as a perfect between-meal snack.

The good news? You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy these wonderful treats. Our simple-to-use mixes are made in our own mill, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients whatsoever. (Try finding that in your local supermarket bakery.) Ignore the calendar and open up a bag.

Shortcake & Cobbler Mix

Shortcake/Cobbler Mix

Our Haldeman Mills Shortcake/Cobbler Mix is so versatile. In the height of summer when luscious fruits beckon, whip up some shortcake or a bubbling fruit cobbler. In cooler months, use it to top pre-cooked meat and vegetables and make a savory meat pie. Only three ingredients in our mix. Just add oil, milk, and ingenuity.

Soft Pretzel Mix

Soft Pretzel Mix

Handrolling a giant soft pretzel is enough to make any kid smile. One bag of Haldeman Mills Soft Pretzel Mix = a perfect rainy day activity, with healthier ingredients than those mall alternatives. Make crazy designs. Try the flavor ideas on the mix bag. It’s easy, fun, and eminently edible.

Funnel Cake Mix

Funnel Cake Mix

Funnel cakes, originally a Pennsylvania Dutch treat, are still a popular choice at local fairs here in Lancaster County. If you can’t come visit, just make your own with our Haldeman Mills Dutch Funnel Cake mix. Roasted corn flour and dried sweet cream buttermilk add a rich flavor and extra nutrients. Less guilt, more fun, and no sunburn.

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