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Enjoy family-crafted fine food products that you don’t need a chemistry degree to understand. Our cornmeal, buckwheat, and mixes are time-tested and loved by consumers nationwide. Read about our history and products on this site and find places to purchase them, or you can earn a sample pack, for free. Click that cute button to the right to find out how.

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Healthy Gains, With No Pain

Who has time to eat healthy these days? Well, actually you do. Just a few, simple switches can make a world of difference.   On this site, you’ll learn about the health benefits of buckwheat, and that roasted cornmeal from local farmers has a flavor that cannot be duplicated. You’ll also see that our mixes are happily free of things you probably can’t pronounce.   Small changes, big results.

Old Fashioned Tastes for Your Modern Life

Four hundred years of Pennsylvania life has taught us a bit about what works and what doesn’t in feeding families. Keep it simple, keep it tasty.  That’s what we’ve done with our products too. Here are some recipes we’ve collected since the late 1800’s when Brinser’s Best came to market. Try some and tell us what you think.  (Best results are obtained with our products, of course.)