Cornmeal like you’ve never tasted before

Many thanks for Brinser’s Corn Meal! Born in ’29, my mother cooked Brinser’s Corn Meal and we ate good.

I joined the navy in 1948 and after the Korean War I married a girl who could cook and my mother taught her how to make Brinser’s Corn Meal. I’ve been eating it ever since!

— H. Rowe, Haines City, FL

Our corn meal is our flag ship product, and has been since 1880.  Good reason for that, we think (and so our customers tell us).  We use locally grown corn and we roast our corn before we grind the whole grain into meal.  Roasted corn meal tastes better, keeps better and is far better for you than processed, refined corn meal so often seen on grocery shelves.

The roasting process was handed down to us from our Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors. You can read about that here. Most of those mills in our area are gone now, except ours. We’re family owned and operated, producing a tasty, healthy product that we’re proud of and you can be proud to serve to family and friends.

Brinser's Best Yellow Cornmeal

Brinser’s Best Yellow Corn Meal

One look at the bag tells the story. Brinser’s Best Yellow Corn Meal has been a favorite since the 19th century. We roast Brinser’s the longest of our meals, for a rich, deep flavor our customers say is the reason they choose Brinser’s again and again.
For 130 years, through good times and bad, Brinser’s Best Yellow Corn Meal has been in the kitchens of people who understand quality and appreciate economy.

Stauffer's Home Roasted Corn Meal

Stauffer’s Home Roasted Corn Meal

Funny how things come full circle.  A hundred years ago, we ate what came out of the ground, doing as little to it as possible. Now, we pay extra for that privilege, it seems.
Our Stauffer’s Home Roasted Corn Meal began in a time when eating natural foods was the only choice. Now, it’s the best.

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