Sometimes, the Old  Ways are the Best Ways

Born in 1832 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Solomon C. Brinser is the originator of Brinser’s Best Yellow Corn Meal (and the inventor of the first wheel rake ever used in Dauphin County, PA) In 1878, Mr. Brinser started milling corn, based on techniques brought over by his ancestors more than 100 years earlier.  After a long and interesting life, Mr. Brinser passed the business on to his son John R. Brinser, Sr.  Mr. John Brinser, after many years, sold it to Earl Hoffman and Sons.

In 1969 James Haldeman bought the name and assets and formed Haldeman Mills. His main focus was continuing the tradition of roasting and milling cornmeal but he added a variety of other products along the way. James Haldeman’s wife Donna is credited with creating the Funnel Cake Mix and Shortcake/Cobbler Mix product lines we still produce today.

Our Stauffer’s Home Roasted Golden Yellow Corn Meal brand is named after David Stauffer, who began roasting and milling corn during the Great Depression. Corn meal was a welcome, inexpensive staple food at that time, and his business flourished.

Mr. Stauffer ran the business until 1952 when he sold it to Robert Haldeman (James Haldeman’s uncle). Robert continued in the corn meal business until selling the Stauffer brand to James Haldeman in 1985.

In February of 2002, Richard and Becky Landis (also deeply rooted in Lancaster County) bought both brands and continue manufacturing cornmeal under both labels as a family business. Richard Landis created our Pretzel Mix and Buckwheat Pancake Mix, extending the popular preservative-free mix line.

We have a long legacy to honor and we hope you will support us in bringing fine-quality food products from our family to yours.